A NEW PRODUCT FROM BERNINA is the result of fine engineering and has passed rigid factory quality controls, and accordingly is warranted against defects in materials, construction and workmanship, under normal use. Any such defects will be rectified either by repair or replacement of parts only at no cost. Labour charge may apply.


bernette Sewing Machines Overlockers
Mechanical Parts 2 years 2 years
Motors, Electrical & Electronic Parts 1 year 1 year
If used in business or schools
Mechanical Parts 6 months 6 months
Motors, Electrical & Electronic Parts 6 months 6 months

If the product is acquired for, and used in business or schools these warranties are reduced as set out above.

WARRANTY CEASES if the product is tampered with in any way, or serviced by any person other than an authorised BERNINA Dealer, if parts other than genuine parts supplied by BERNINA are fitted to the product or the machine is used otherwise than in accordance with the instruction booklet. The product must be unplugged from the power source when not in use.
The guarantee is not transferable, valid only for original purchaser and original BERNINA dealer from which product was purchased.

PLEASE NOTE any modifications made by individuals or organisations other than BERNINA International AG and BERNINA Australia Pty Limited voids this warranty.
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